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This Summer University wouldn't be possible without the help of our kind sponsors and organizational partner.


Institute for Economic Studies


The aim of The Institute for Economic Studies Europe is to stand at the center of a worldwide network of students, scholars and other intellectuals. Since 1989, the institute, a non profit organization registered in the state of Virginia, has aimed at discovering, developing and supporting the most outstanding people it could find amount students, scholars and other intellectuals who share an interest in exploring and applying the principles of classical liberalism. For that purpose, IES uses or supports three different tools of teach or of research. Every year we organize summer seminars somewhere in Europe, a summer university in Aix-en-Provence, France, and sponsors researchers or translations of major books.

You can find IES Europe at http://www.ies-europe.org/


Foundation for Economic Education 

FEE's mission is to inspire, educate and connect future leaders with the economic, ethical and legal principles of a free society. 

For young minds interested in an introduction to free market economics and its foundations in the broader  philosophy of individual liberty, FEE is the best source for inspiring content, programs and community. FEE is not an academic or political organization; instead our focus is making the economic, ethical and legal principles of a free society widely accessible, easily understood and energizing to young minds. We do this by delivering content that is substantive and thoughtful in forms most convenient to our customers, including in-person seminars and lectures, web-delivered content, printed material in book and magazine form, and networking opportunities. At FEE, young people - and educators who work with them - wil find an exciting and optimistic introduction to the Austrian and classical liberal traditions in free market economics as well as opportunities to connect with other young people and free market organizations around the world.

You can find them at www.fee.org.


Libera! is an independent non-partisan think tank in the Flemish region of Belgium fostering the values of a free society in general and the protection of private property rights in particular. The scope of its research and activism is not limited to the regional or national arena but also extends to the European and international level.
Libera! publishes academic studies, policy papers and articles on a regular basis. Furthermore, monthly events and activities are also organized, ranging from public debates and evening discussions, through formal banquets and international conferences, to private dinners and working luncheons with policymakers.
A Flemish think tank with an international focus, Libera! is a proud member of New Direction: Foundation for European Reform, the Stockholm Network, the Atlas Network and the European Coalition for Economic Growth.

You can find Libera! at http://www.liberavzw.be/

Atlas Network

Atlas' Mission

Atlas's vision is of a free, prosperous and peaceful world where limited governments defend the rule of law, property property and free markets. 

Their mission is to strengthen the worldwide freedom movement by identifying training, and supporting individuals with the potential to found and develop effective independent organizations that promote our vision in every country.

Atlas is not endowed and it does not accept government funding. It does not support political candidates or parties, or otherwise involve itself in partisan politics.

We are grateful to those generous individuals, philanthropies and business that entrust us with financial resources to build a greater public consensus around the ideas of a free society by advancing the Atlas mission.