Our upcoming and past events. Most of them are exclusively in Dutch.

Hayek Seminar


On April 10 and 11 2010 the Rothbard Institute organised an intensive seminar on the works of Nobel Laureate Friedrich von Hayek. Both his economic works, as well as his political and methodological writings will be examined in lectures and discussions.

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Seminars on Freedom of the Will

Although it is a rather abstract philosophical problem, the question whether humans have a free will or not often has an indirect but strong influence on people's political convictions. If one thinks that people aren't really free, one tends to value economic and political freedom much less. The current social and political impact of that debate is of course very small, but it is essential that we engage in this debate to preserve human freedom in the long run.

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Seminars on Philosophy of Law with prof. Frank van Dun


"Philosophy of law" might not sound immediately like the most captivating topic, but the abstract assumptions in this domain always underlie heated political debates, and rarely come to the surface. So again we focus on the relevance of theory for practical and current topics. The seminars started with the fundamental assumptions on what the several domains of 'law' are and what 'persons' are, going on to why we need law, what the different conceptions of law are, and why the classical liberal conception of law should be preferred.

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Rothbard Summer University 2009

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For the second summer a row, the Rothbard Institute organises the Rothbard Summer University, from September 10 through 13, 2009. The Rothbard Summer University is the perfect occasion for a four-day investigation of both theoretical and practical aspects of the free society. In the sheltered environment of the Old Abbey of Kortenberg we engage in an intensive programme of seminars and discussions on economic theory, the current crisis, philosophy of law and political theory, proposals for concrete reforms, and more. This in combination with time for leisure and a lot of opportunity for input from the participants.

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(application deadline June 30).

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Seminars on Economic Theory

In october-december 2008, the Murray Rothbard Institute organised a series of eight weekly seminars on Austrian economics and the current crisis. The seminars were held in Louvain, one of the largest student cities in the country, and were titled "from Crusoe to crisis - in eight seminars from economic theory to current reality".

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Advanced seminars in Antwerp

In April and May, the Rothbard Institute organised a series of advanced seminars on money and property rights, F. A. Hayek, methodology, and the private production of security.