About the Murray Rothbard Institute


The Murray Rothbard Institute is a center of research and education in philosophy of law and economic theory. A thorough understanding of these domains is crucial since the decisions that deeply influence prosperity and well-being in our society are based upon them. We want to contribute to this debate from the perspective of the natural law tradition and the Austrian school of economics with publications and seminars aimed at the academic community and the general public. Download a short presentation.

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Academic Advisory Board

The members of our academic council are
Prof. dr. Frank van Dun (website)
Prof. dr. Guido Hülsmann (website)
dr. Jos Verhulst
Peter van Maanen, MSc (website)
Prof. dr. Carlo Lottieri
Prof. dr. Jesús Huerta de Soto (website)
Prof. dr. Marc Cools (website)