Rothbard Summer University 2013

With great pleasure the Murray Rothbard Institute announces the Rothbard Summer University, a 5 day seminar on diverse topics ranging from economics, natural law philosophy and history to an analysis of political processes and the private supply of public goods. 

The goal of the seminar is to create an intellectual environment where the attendees can get a greater knowledge regarding the (1) subtle nuances surrounding insights from the social sciences and (2) have a better understanding of the moral foundations of a free society. In addition to this, we are also cooperating with European Students For Liberty in providing sessions on how to think critically on how to create a framework in spreading these ideas - both normative and descriptive. 

For a more extensive overview of the seminar, you can click here

Signing up for the conference will entitle you to:

- A place in a hostel room. You will share this room with 4 other people. 
- All lectures
- All lunches and dinners
- Snacks and drinks during the breaks
- Free books (donated by generous donors)
- A great and intellectual learning environment with motivated students and lecturers

Sign up fast, because places are limited! 


We have people such as Tom Palmer (Atlas Network/Cato Institute), Lawrence Reed (President FEE), Adam Martin (King's College), Tim Evans (Adam Smith Institute), Stephen Davies (IEA), Frank van Dun (UGhent) and Boudewijn Bouckaert (UGhent/Libera!) presenting. These internationally esteemed lecturers will provide a stimulating environment for intellectual growth. 


 The event will take place at the Liberal Archive in Ghent, Belgium. The Liberal Archive is a non-profit organization, dedicated to be an archive for everything related to the Belgian and global (classical) liberal movement. Check out their website!  

Click here for more information on the event as a whole! 

Thanks to our sponsors!